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A new beginning

In Nov 2008, the share price of a manufacturing unit was traded at 7800. The company was going through some tough phases due to losses in its newly launched products. The news spread in the market and investors lose 80% of their stock value in three months. This was devastating for the management, employees, and institutions who showed faith in this Indian Company. Was it the end of the story or just a difficult phase, the time had the answer.

The management revamped its strategy and kept penetrating the market with its new product while improving margins in its old-established products. In the next 1 year the stock gained by 500% and by 2020 it has given over 3400% return to some of the investors. The company is MRF.

In difficult times in life, we often start thinking about the alternatives. We tend to think a lot and start doubting the decisions we made earlier. The confidence ceases to exist and we start looking alternatives. Two years ago, when I started Think Investment, I was excited and had a mission to give back to the world and take many of you through the journey of savings, investments and financial freedom. Things were going good and I started getting recognition while few of my articles started trending too. In early 2019, I did a small mistake, while experimenting with the cloud servers, I accidentally deleted the entire website. It was beyond the scope of recovery and I lost hope. I stopped writing.

When I was preparing the "To Do" list of 2020, an email notification popped up. It was a renewable reminder of my domain. A dilemma arises, whether to keep it, ignore it or maybe sell it. I took a deep breath and remember the high and low of my life. Sometimes we find ourselves in a difficult situation, the time when we rethink and question the mere existence.

I decided to start it again. Build the whole thing from the beginning and write again my first article.

Here I am.

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